Price list

14/03/202004/04/202050 €54 €57 €64.5 €65 €68 €68 €48.5 €54.5 €78 €57 €75 €
04/04/202002/05/202057 €62.5 €64.5 €72.5 €73 €83 €83 €62 €67 €93 €70 €90 €
02/05/202016/05/202050 €54 €57 €64.5 €65 €68 €68 €48.5 €54.5 €78 €57 €75 €
16/05/202023/05/202057 €62.5 €64.5 €72.5 €73 €83 €83 €62 €67 €93 €70 €90 €
23/05/202030/05/202060 €67.5 €70.5 €79 €80 €96 €96 €69 €78 €109 €80 €105 €
30/05/202020/06/202064 €74 €77 €87 €89 €102 €102 €75 €82 €113 €84 €110 €
20/06/202004/07/202085 €95 €97 €107 €108 €135 €135 €103 €113.5 €147 €116 €145 €
04/07/202022/08/2020118 €129 €137 €147 €149 €211 €211 €162 €182 €221 €188 €215 €
22/08/202029/08/202085 €95 €97 €107 €108 €135 €135 €103 €113.5 €147 €116 €145 €
29/08/202005/09/202064 €74 €77 €87 €89 €102 €102 €75 €82 €113 €84 €110 €
05/09/202012/09/202057 €62.5 €64.5 €72.5 €73 €83 €83 €62 €67 €93 €70 €90 €
12/09/202001/11/202050 €54 €57 €64.5 €65 €68 €68 €48.5 €54.5 €78 €57 €75 €

Minimum stay

3 nights
free arrival from 23/03/2019  to 08/06/2019 and from 14/09/2019 to 03/11/2019

7 nights
arrival and departure on Saturday or Wednesday from 08/06/2019 to 14/09/2019

1. ARRIVAL: for entering and staying at the camping site, a registration of every single person is compulsory. Upon arrival, the guest is required to deposit an identity document, to check the accuracy of the registration and to report any discrepancy or variation. A personal pass will be given in order to be shown at the request of the control personnel and a car pass will be given to be displayed on the windscreen. Guests who plan to stay on a discontinuous basis, upon approval of the Management, should read the relevant regulations. The entry into the camping site is subjected to the consent of the Management and is only allowed to bracelet holder guests of the Bella Italia Camping.
2. DEPARTURE: payment by guests staying in Bella Italia apartments or pitches shall be made:
- With booking: the day before departure;
- Without booking: the day of arrival;
- With booking but without payment of the deposit: the day of arrival.
Guests are required to observe and follow the Reception opening hours. The payment receipt shall be shown to the staff at the time of check-out.
3. HOURS: The Information and Reception Office is open from 8:00am to 10:00pm. Guests shall absolutely respect silence times from 1:00 to 3:00pm and from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Access bars will be closed from 11:00pm to 7:00am, so during these closing times it is not possible to enter and leave the camping site with your own vehicle, which shall be left at the entrance car park.
4. APARTMENTS, BUNGALOWS AND MOBILE HOMES: Rental duration may vary according to the season. The minimum stay for the apartments is 3 nights. The price includes: beds, gas, water, electricity, parking for one car and taxes. Tourist taxes are not included. In order to book, a deposit is required; this amount will be deducted from the final balance. Upon receipt of the same, a voucher will be produced which shall be shown upon arrival at the campsite. All booked days shall be paid in full. The Management reserves the right to assign the type of accommodation, which is available for guests from 5:00pm on the day of arrival and shall be left clean by 10.00am on the day of departure. Stays exceeding this time limit shall result in additional charges for an extra night. In case of accommodation cancellation, the amount of the deposit shall be withheld (art. 7 International Hotel Regulation).
The head of the family is required to check the consistency and state of preservation of existing materials in the rooms. Any faults shall be promptly notified to the reception in order for the staff to be able to perform the necessary maintenance. The head of the family is responsible for the same and is liable to pay damages in case of breakage or missing items. The Campsite Management forewarns customers that, for organizational reasons, it cannot guarantee the rental of a specific bungalow or lodging, but ensures accommodation of the required type and with the desired characteristics. In this regard, the Management reserves the right to make changes at any time before the guest occupies the lodging, without the guests’ possibility of cancellation. However, the Management guarantees that it shall do its best to satisfy guests’ requirements.
5. CAMPING PITCHES: For booking, a deposit is required; this amount shall be deducted from the final balance. Upon receipt of the same, a voucher will be produced which shall be shown upon arrival at the campsite. The Management reserves the right to assign the pitch. All booked days must be paid in full. The pitch is available for guests from 1:00pm on the day of arrival to 1:00pm on the day of departure. Stays exceeding this time limit shall result in additional charges for an extra night. In case of accommodation cancellation, the amount of the deposit shall be withheld (art. 7 International Hotel Regulation). The pitches can be occupied by a maximum of 6 people regardless of their age. Tourist taxes are not included.
6. VISITS: Visits to campers are allowed only until 8:00pm and only upon the authorization of the Management. During high season, visits can be planned with prior booking before the day of arrival. Visitors, if admitted, shall enter for free up to one hour’s stay; after this time, the visit is subject to the daytime fee for adults and/or children according to their age. Visitors should, however, leave the campsite before 8:00pm on the day of the visit. The Management has the right to stop visitors entering. Visitors’ cars and motorcycles are to be left, in any case, outside the camping site.
7. Animals and motorcycles are not admitted.
8. MINORS are admitted only if accompanied by parents or relatives of an adult age. Children must be accompanied when using equipment and toilets. Parents are directly responsible for their children.
9. MOTORBOATS and BOATS are to be parked in the parking spaces for a fee that shall be specified by the reception. The use of buoys is allowed only for guests who have booked them and who are in possession of the identification plate.
10. Each family or group is required to place their own tent, caravan, car or campervan within the limits of the assigned pitch. Cars shall, in case, be parked in special areas specified by the Management.
11. All campers, after their pitch has been assigned, cannot change their place without the previous approval of the Management. Tents shall be pitched immediately after arrival. For health and hygiene reasons, campers are obliged to keep the assigned pitch perfectly clean and tidy.
ANY TYPE OF FENCING IS FORBIDDEN; unauthorized works shall be removed without prior notice.
12. Guests are allowed to drive vehicles to a maximum speed permitted of 10 km/hour.
13. During silence times, all noises, including those produced when putting up or taking down tents, are prohibited. Therefore, during these hours, the following is prohibited: USE OF RADIO-TELEVISION SETS OR SIMILAR, NOISY MEETINGS, CIRCULATING WITH MOTOR VEHICLES.
All appliances shall always be kept at low volume.
14. While ensuring the continuous surveillance of the camp, the Management does not assume any responsibility for any theft or loss.
16. The Management is not responsible for vandalism, accidents due to third parties’ causes and damage to persons or property resulting from natural disasters.
17. It is strictly forbidden to damage plants or camping equipment, dig ditches around tents, pour boiling, salted or waste liquids on the ground, light outdoor fires.
- Tampering with the electrical systems;
- Bringing firearms of any type or any other weapon to the campsite;
- Installing under the sheds or trees any kind of swings, screens, etc.;
- Displaying banners, posters or any other material that may affect the susceptibility of others.
18. Paper and waste shall be deposited in the appropriate containers.
19. Both laundry and dishes shall be washed in the correspondent sinks.
20. The sanitation facilities, sinks and showers shall be left, after each use, in such conditions as one would like to find them.
21. It is forbidden to wash cars in the campsite.
22. Barbecue grills are allowed only if used in an appropriate way, under the right weather conditions and in the assigned sites, so as not to represent any danger or disturbance to other guests.
23. The use of additional camping equipment shall be at the risk of the campers.
24. Messages and communications addressed to the guests can be found in the mailbox at the reception. Guests shall be notified personally if necessary.
25. All infectious diseases shall be reported immediately to the Management or to the doctor of the camping site.
26. Electrical system: it can be checked at all times by the Management staff. An earthed tri-polar watertight cable (according to EU standards) is compulsory; three amps per connection are granted.
27. If any routine control shows a number of people higher than declared, the Management shall charge a daily rate, increased by 50%, for each non-declared person, from the day of registration; right after, the entire family shall be asked to leave the campsite.
28. In order to raise complaints about other guests’ behaviour, we kindly ask you to apply to the Management, which shall take the appropriate measures.
The Management reserves the right to expel from the campsite anyone responsible for acts of vandalism, harassment or violation of these regulations.
29. Missing objects found in the campsite shall be given to the public security authorities or to the campsite management, so that they can be returned to their rightful owner.
30. Beach access is allowed only for vehicles transporting boats.
31. It is forbidden to leave vehicles and trucks on the beach.
32. Parking vehicles by the restaurant or outside the allowed parking spaces is forbidden.
33. It is forbidden to rent caravans parked in the campsite. Customers are not allowed to occupy pitches to reserve them for relatives or friends.
34. It is strictly forbidden to sail at a distance of less than 200 meters from the shore and to dock at the piers. Failure to comply constitutes an offense to the Code of Navigation regulations and can be a sufficient reason to turn the offender away from the campsite.
35. Access to the pool shall be without shoes or slippers, through the showers where feet shall be cleaned. Bathing in the pool is allowed only with headsets (where required) and at the established hours. It is forbidden to bathe during closing hours of the pool.
36. RECOMMENDATION: do not let tap water run unnecessarily for domestic use (this is to prevent water waste during times of shortage), do not to drive the car to move around the campsite in order to avoid disturbance to other customers.
37. FLAT-RATE CONTRACT: the contract is to be made upon the arrival of the caravan until no more places are available. It provides the right of accommodation for the family of the contract holder (maximum 4 people), a caravan/campervan and only ONE vehicle. The campsite management refuses all responsibility for any theft or damage incurred during the stay of the caravan/campervan, although the campsite is guarded by security staff. Visits are allowed only with the previous authorization of the Management and shall be regulated as in article No. 6 of these regulations. Guests who were not registered at the time of the contract are not allowed to stay. The pitch, guests and vehicles registered shall remain the same throughout the stay.
38. The access to the campsite implies the acceptance of and full compliance with these REGULATIONS, which may be integrated, separately, by additional conditions that the Management considers appropriate for the better functioning of the campsite.
39. A REGULATION, by its nature, always conditions the individual freedom, which should be in harmony with the collective one. Its general RULES place restrictions fully justified by its purpose, which is to create better conditions for a civil cohabitation based on mutual respect. Therefore, we are confident that our guests will consent to comply with these modest limitations, which will allow them a more serene and peaceful stay. By doing so, they will avoid the unpleasant remedial intervention of the Management.
We thank you for your much-appreciated help and wish you the happiest stay.


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